Fugitive Mage


Book Two, the continuation of the dynamic and not-so-simple mission. Everand and Lamiya find events rapidly unravelling around them, and that nothing is as it seems… 

Just when Mage Everand thought his mission was drawing to a successful close, the unthinkable happens. Lamiya is kidnapped. Aware of the trap, Everand allows himself to be taken too. He must save Lamiya — and use the opportunity to find out whether the rogue half-mage Malach is who he thinks he is. Forced to continue Malach’s training in magic, Everand is faced with yet more dilemmas.

Matters turn bleak when the Council of Mages forcibly translocate him back to the Guild, where he must report on his mission and reveal the existence, and identity of, the half-mage. Now, Everand finds he must conceal his true thoughts from his master, Mage Mantiss, as well as persuade the Guild of his continued loyalty. Can he bide his time and escape to be reunited with Lamiya? How can he foil the Guild’s plan to entrap and obliterate the half-mage?

In the meantime, Lamiya’s powers evolve and she calls her own dragon. Or wait, did the dragon Akachi call her? Nothing is as it seems. The events unfolding hint at deeper secrets and betrayals … and undetected forces and connections. In a twist of irony, both Everand and the rogue half-mage become fugitives. Everand and Lamiya come to realise the stakes are far higher than imagined.

Fantasy with romance for adults, 390 pages. To be released by Inspiring Publishing, January 2023

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-922792-60-0
ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-922792-62-4


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