The Pegasus Touch


A tale of the lure of power and ambition – contrasted with courage, camaraderie and love. The ripples of Mage Beetal’s ambitions spread out to touch the lives of those on his world of Ossilis and dramatically alter the lives of Elemar and her friends on Terralis. Inadvertently falling through a magical, shimmering curtain, Elemar lands in Ossilis. Captured, and separated from her beloved Pegasus Toki, Elemar is assigned to the care of Everand, Mage Beetal’s apprentice. But there is more to Everand that meets the eye, and Elemar finds herself embroiled in a magical plot that threatens the existence of both worlds.

Meanwhile, Rhyan, the warrior who loves her, and friend Gerrid have set out to find their own flying horses so they can follow her through the curtain of magic and bring her home … Will they arrive in time as Mage Beetal’s frustrations escalate and his actions become more dangerous? Can they prevent the mage from unleashing his secret army of dragons on the unsuspecting mages’ Guild? A fantasy, thriller and romance all rolled into one.

Fantasy with romance, 380 pages, IrrePRESSible, 1999.

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