The Scales


Rhyan and Gerrid reach Ossilis to rescue Elemar. But Elemar is not prepared to come home — she wants to help Everand and the Mages’ Guild to defeat the ambitious and dangerous Mage Beetal. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to prevent Mage Beetal from taking control of the Guild and from raising the Staropal, an artifact so powerful that it has been buried deep beneath the Guild.

Overwhelmed by the lure of power, Mage Beetal uses the Staropal to travel between worlds and he is snared by the mages’ ancient enemy on Chrysalis. To even Mage Beetal’s horror, the half-human, half-insect nymph seers of Chrysalis force him to take them and an army to Ossilis. Meanwhile, Elemar and Rhyan realise that their own world of Terralis is also at risk via Beetal’s open link between the worlds.

Together the primitive warriors, Everand and the mages conspire to battle the army from Chrysalis. In an ironical twist, they are assisted by the army of dragons that Mage Beetal bred in secret to help him take over Ossilis. Once the battles are over, Elemar realises she must choose between Rhyan, who she’s loved from first sight, and Everand, who has protected her and who she cares deeply for. With Gerrid’s guidance, she makes her choice of the heart. A fantasy, thriller and romance all rolled into one.

Fantasy with romance, 291 pages, IrrePRESSible, 2000.

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