Kered’s Crown


The battles between armies begin! Kered tries to retake his kingdom and to save his people – difficult when Nactus is raising demons and using the surviving Tanarians as the front line of defence. The lines of the Prophecy become clear as several unpleasant surprises bring Kered almost to his knees. The ‘deepest cut’ is delivered from an unexpected quarter, and ‘that which was unseen’ is revealed, shocking all.

The final conflict commences on the two levels predicted by Chelosan: the external battle of the armies, and the internal duel to see who can control the Tanan diamond. If Kered can’t rediscover his sense of self the Tanan will be lost to Nactus and the Demon Lord Pletholax forever… and life in the Ten Realms will be doomed. To add to his woes, Kered must win back Shouffa’s love as she endeavours to find her own sense of identity.

A gripping and moving conclusion to the epic struggle. A real story about friendship, love, courage, integrity and ‘self’.

For young adult and adult readers, 400 pages, published by Australian Speculative Fiction, 2006.

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