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Fugitives in Riverplain, Everand and the rogue Malach prepare to face the ire of the Mages’ Guild. Lamiya and her people stand ready to protect them. Much depends on the politics of the Guild and whether Everand’s master, Mage Mantiss, retains his position as Head of the Guild or is overthrown by the ambitious and ruthless Mage Pelamis. Conflicted, Everand fears he has betrayed Mantiss, but he must stand firm to protect the river provinces and the people he has come to respect and love.

On top of this threat, the dragon Akachi sets Everand a nigh impossible task — one that would right past wrongs, but would unravel the very foundations of the Guild. Everand struggles to chart a course through conflicting, turbulent waters. There is also the rogue Malach … can he be trusted?

Lamiya, rapidly increasing in power and authority, devises her own plans to protect the mage she loves. The way forward becomes increasingly fraught and unpredictable. The future of the dragons, the Mages’ Guild, the river provinces — the entire population of Ossilis —is at stake, with only the mage and the bird caller to save them.

Fantasy with romance for adults, 400 pages. To be released by Inspiring Publishing, mid 2023

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-922792-69-3
ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-922792-71-6


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